The residents of Kingswood have a lot to say about the community.

I recently told someone that, for someone who is retired, I seem to stay pretty busy. I'm a volunteer in the gift shop, the Piccadilly. I'm on the food committee and the social committee. One unique thing, though, I found a friend that lives two blocks away and he invited me to help with his garden. So, last year I returned to something that I had to do as a kid that I didn't enjoy but I love doing now!

Joe Richardson, Resident since 2007

Initially we didn't think of Kingswood because we lived in Kansas and we wanted to stay in Kansas. But one day our children reminded us of how much "Grandpa and Grandma" really liked it here. When we looked at Kingswood, we were thrilled because the villas were new and the community just offered all kinds of opportunities. Now I can't think of being anywhere else.

Martha Younger, Resident since 2003

Kingswood is very conveniently located. You can get almost anywhere in the greater Kansas City area from here in about 15 minutes. Plus, all of our family is in Overland Park. We also enjoy the "feel" of the Kingswood community. We know all of our neighbors in the villas and get together frequently. It is a real community.

John Younger, Resident since 2003

One thing that I tell people about that speaks well for Kingswood is the number of staff people who have been here for a long time...I think is it remarkable in this day and age when people change careers so quickly.

Joey Kintigh, Resident since 2003

We felt confident coming to Kingswood because my husband served on the board here when Kingswood first opened. We knew people on the board who now live here, so I had good friends here. I knew it was a good place to be for many reasons. It was easy to make friends when I first moved here because I think this is a very caring community. It's like an extended family. I knew people at Kingswood and I was very pleased to be welcomed into all of the activities by all of the people who were here.

Joyce Owen, Resident since 2007